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My name is Showkath – Founder, Director and Creative head of WIDE ANGLE PHOTOS based in Chennai.

While I am an MBA, Graduated from University of Madras, I have been an IT guy worked in Accenture and Dell Perot as Assistant Manager Operations. I had a passion of photography and started assisting my friends during the wedding Events. As my true passion in photography makes me quit my IT job and started taking photos of people. I transitioned into event photography after spending most of the past 5 years shooting wedding events as well as corporate events.

My passion is largely in outdoor Shoot and wedding photography. Over the years I have been lucky to meet a ton of new and exciting people through my photography. On a personal note my greatest talents are the ability to mix with any class of peoples. I am a people person with ability of getting smiles and making clients happy. The best is when my clients reveal their love to me just as their family and friends I am truly inspired by that. I don’t want us to be strangers.

As a wedding photographer I have a documentary approach to wedding photography,

If you would like to keep up to date with my past and current projects you are invited to take at my online portfolio here to see the styles and quality of my work.

If you feel connected to the heart behind our work we are here and love to listen and eagerly waiting to talk to you regarding your queries.

Thanks for being here.

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